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business servicesPriDe is available to serve business and industry in a variety of capacities. Our staff is committed to the success of business and industry through streamlined marketing and management strategies as well as employee productivity.

Our organization has many years experience in evaluating and purchasing foodservice products in a variety of foodservice settings. Restaurant entrepreneurs will find us available to provide nutrient analysis of their menus reviewed by a registered dietitian. This is particularly valuable in the health-conscious society in which we live and the changing marketplace where local governments are requiring nutrition disclosure to consumers.

Furthermore, we can offer that expertise to food manufacturers who desire research within the marketplace or would like assistance with special projects such as menu planning or promotions to encourage use of specific products. Our team has training in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and is prepared to become part of your team.

If corporate wellness is important to your organization, our company can provide corporate wellness programs directed by a registered dietitian. These programs include nutrition education and counseling as well as lifestyle modification activities related to exercise and other lifestyle choices.

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